Current Sheriff Sales


With Changes Pertaining to HB 138

Sheriff sales are scheduled on Thursdays beginning at 1 p.m. and held on the 2nd floor of the courthouse (outside of the Treasurer’s office). Notifications of these sales are published in The Bryan Times for three consecutive weeks before the sale.

Bidding starts at 2/3 of the appraised value with the highest bidder* required to pay a ten % (10%) deposit at the time of the sale. Attempts are made for the appraisers to view the interior of the properties and neither the Sheriff’s Office nor the appraisers are responsible for the condition of the property at the time the purchaser takes possession. Please note, The Sheriff’s office only has access to view the outside of each property. We do not have any access to the interior of properties.

Lending Institutions

Lending institutions shall have their attorney submit recording costs and conveyance fees when their deed and conveyance form is forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office for recording and will not be required to pay a deposit at the time of the sale.

Purchaser’s Information Form

All purchasers are required to file a Purchaser’s Information form (PDF) at the time of sale. Please have this form be completed prior to the sale.


Once the sale is confirmed through a Judgment Entry of the Court, a deed is prepared and recorded upon receipt of the full purchase price and recording fees. The Sheriff’s Office will distribute the purchase price as ordered by the Court which includes court costs, taxes, pro-rated taxes, conveyance fee, deed and recording fees and other necessary expenses. The Sheriff’s Office will record the deed and the recorded document will be forwarded to the purchaser in the purchasers self stamped and addressed envelope. Recording costs will be taken from the 10% deposit with the remaining monies put towards the purchase price (exception being to lending institutions as noted above).

Tax Sales

Tax sales are also held on Thursdays at the same location. There are no appraisals for tax sales and bidding starts at an amount to cover delinquent taxes, deed fee, advertisement costs, court costs, etc. Two dates are scheduled for tax sales so that if the property does not sell on the first date, it is offered again on the second date. Payment in full is due on the day of the sale.